Sean Preston put his bid in as a top level Christian Hip Hop emcee in the state of Michigan. “God Family My City” is simply a superb EP from beginning to end. The Pontiac rhyme spitter clearly stepped up his game to another dimension and presents a truly dynamic project.

The project starts off with the anthem “Burden for My City” featuring M3. Right from the start you can feel that both Sean P and M3 are very serious about making an impact in their cities.

Number two is “We Gotta Stop” featuring B-Ganhs and Throne Muzik. The message of the song is to prevent our communities from killing each other. The features are on point and the deliveries are sharp creating another stellar track.

The third track is “Opportunity”. This laid back song features singing and rapping from Sean to create a stand out track. The melody is memorable and the message is that we must do good to all men whenever we can. Definitely a track displaying his growth as an artist.

“I Go Hard” featuring King Sizzl is a turn up joint! Crank up the radio and go hard for God! Enjoy the swag and style of this perfect collaboration.

Track five is “Hoop Dream”. This one goes out to everyone who had a dream to be something great in life, be it an NBA player, doctor, astronaut or anything. Be inspired and enjoy the versatile flow and wordplay on this awesome hip hop soundtrack.

Ending the EP is “Favor Follows Me”. This is arguably the best song of Sean Preston’s career. After hearing this extraordinary poetry in rhythm, one has the feeling that this brother has an extremely bright future as a CHH artist. The chorus is incredible, the feel and vibe is dope, and the lyrics are a motivational picture to be thankful for the God we serve.

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