Over the years we have worked with many clients. Here are some testimonies few of the artists we have helped.

Jimmie Hustle

Blessed on Purpose has helped me tremendously! Before using their services, I had three listeners on the Spotify platform. But when I started using “Blessed On Purpose”, my listeners went from three to two hundred and fifty-five in less than two weeks! That’s crazy! By the end of the month I was over 500 monthly listeners. My song, “Hustle Up” soared to over 1,500 streams in this time period. I saw my “ITunes” downloads increase as well which did not move at all before using “Blessed On Purpose”. This dramatic change happen simply from “Blessed On Purpose” pushing one of my singles. I highly recommend “Blessed On Purpose” to any artist that’s trying to get their music heard around the world and see a return on their investment in this music industry. I will definitely use “Blessed On Purpose” for my next and upcoming singles.

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Dre Beeze

“Blessed on Purpose helped me reach over 14k monthly listeners on Spotify. My song All Know is Flex is now over 60k streams. They also wrote several professional press releases and helped get my songs in rotation on several radio stations and blogs. They also wrote a dope bio for me, created my smartURLs and have supported and believed in my vision for years.”

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Brotha Dre

“Blessed on Purpose has helped me to grow to consistently have 1000s of monthly listeners on Spotify. They helped me reach several new radio stations and blogs. Their press releases are very professional and effective. Their bio writing is great and has a quick turnaround. Their support has been tremendous in getting my music in more people’s ears!”

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Jazmine Nikao

“Blessed on Purpose helped me gain 100s of monthly listeners and 1000s of streams on Spotify! They wrote a great bio for me as well as a really dope album review!”

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DJ Intangibles

“Blessed on Purpose has helped me gained hundreds of monthly listeners and 1000s of streams which have been consistent for a year now. My song “Jesus Clap” now has over 10k streams.

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“Blessed on Purpose has helped us gain 1000s of Spotify streams, reach many new radio stations and blogs. They wrote excellent press releases and bios for us as well.”

Listen to Flyzon3 here